Call Me Córdoba is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter blending the contemporary traditions of Heather Maloney, Gregory Alan Isakov, Andrew Hozier-Byrne, and Norah Jones. Classic influences include Elton John, James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan. He is currently playing shows in New York City, as he finalizes the arrangements for his first studio EP previews of which are available under "Reforma.”

In 2018 Call Me Córdoba released a live, informal, and home-recorded debut EP, Lost and Found. Acclaimed Americana musician Tim Eriksen (Cold Mountain, 2003) has said this about Call Me Córdoba's lo-fi first release: 

"Lost and Found is a literate and deeply personal treatment of themes universal and autobiographical; grief, loss and addiction, dislocation and change, loving appreciation, questions of identity and connection to place. What ties the work together musically is a lively exploration of melody that owes as much to older forms like ballad singing, shape note and other a capella styles as it does to the music of Call Me Córdoba's contemporaries. Autobiography aside, I can imagine some of those contemporaries finding songs in this collection that they might want to make their own."